Storytelling- Oral History

“As a storyteller, I am dedicated to collecting and preserving all the stories we carry.  I am available to help draw out personal stories and collect organizational histories.  I have created audio recordings, video movies, and written transcripts from this work.”

A sample of oral history projects:

  • Bubbe Mayses and Zayde Mayses: The Temple Israel Elders’ Stories Project

This project interviewed 10 elders from Temple Israel collecting their memories of growing up Jewish.  We culminated this project by creating community wide event and video movie.   This project was partially supported with a grant from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

  • A String of Pearls: An Oral History Interview with Gordon Pearl

Gordon Pearl, a gifted comedy writer and musician, chose to script his memories for maximum affect!  Our end result rivaled Larry King Live! (smiles).  See preview here.

  • An Exchange of Two Worlds: The Life and Wisdom of Tom Melvin

This interview with Tom Melvin collects the wisdom from his long life.  After several harrowing experiences, including escaping Vienna at the start of WW2, and recent upheaval of his home, he shares his gratitude, blessings, and wisdom for all.  Preview coming soon.