I have divided my storytelling programs into three sections: Performances, Workshops, and the new Story Leadership Initiative.

I offer my stories not as a traditional Maggid, sharing “finger-wagging” admonitions filled with incitement to behave.   Instead, my stories are offered as gifts, to be perceived and revealed in ways unique to your own heart and imagination.

My highest hope as Maggid is that I might be like the storyteller who set aflame the Kotzker Rebbe’s heart.  The Kotzker told, “Where I lived, there was one who told wonderful stories with passion.  He told what he knew, and I heard what I needed. ” (from Martin Buber’s Tales of the Hasidim)

I offer these performances and workshops as a way to share Judaism’s ancient storytelling  heritage with your community.  These offerings can easily be combined to create teacher trainings and Shabbatons.  Individualized programs are also available.

NEW: The Story Leadership Initiative. I am now offering this new storytelling based leadership program that helps organizations increase involvement and commitment.  This program is based upon the Public Narrative work developed and tested at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.  To learn more about this exciting program and to bring the Story Leadership Initiative to your organization, click here.

David Leaning Forward