Mentoring & Leadership

Together we will explore this interesting landscape where Judaism and Spirituality meet. We will strive to awaken our inner Rabbi as we bring to life ancient texts and discover where we stand within this ancient/ modern Jewish journey.  Experimental worship, contemplative nature practices, group dialogue, and personal reflection will be used to help us water the seeds the ancients left for us.  How might they grow and flower in our life?

  • NEW: Try Stories for a Change

I am now offering this new storytelling based leadership program that helps organizations increase volunteerism, raise funds and strengthen grassroots campaigns. This program is based upon the Public Narrative work developed at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. To learn more about this exciting program and to bring the Story Leadership Initiative to your organization, click here.

  • Bnai Mitzvah Mentoring

Would you like your child to have a unique coming of age ceremony directly suited to their interests?  These Re-Imagining programs teach that Judaism is a vast landscape that is much bigger than any Hebrew school class can encompass.  Bnai Mitzvah is a chance to orient them to the map, giving them tools to explore the trails and regions that draw them.  These ceremonies are designed to connect students to our ancestors, the natural world and their own hearts.  Individual tutoring available.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Prayer Service Leadership

Rooted in tradition, these services are designed to open up the amazing spiritual literature that is hidden within the prayerbook.  Combining lessons from an Orthodox Jerusalem Yeshiva, the post-modern Davenning (Prayer) Leadership Training Institute plus professional experience as an experiential educator adds up to services that deepen our relationship with Jewish tradition and our hearts.  Outdoor services include modest hiking and can be tailored as family programs.