The Heart of Jewish Spirituality
A yearlong journey into heart, soul & world

The Heart of Jewish Spirituality

The Heart of Jewish Spirituality (HJS) is a program for those who yearn to find personal meaning within Judaism and Jewish practice.  Participants will explore contemplative practices and profound mystical texts from Judaism’s spiritual heritage. Our work together will be to connect these traditional sources with our contemporary experiences. This program will encourage new creativity in practice and language; and imagine heart-centered communities based upon both contemplation and activism, appropriate for a Judaism of the 21st century.

All are welcome—from beginners to seasoned students—as we explore what it means to be spiritual Jews committed to compassion and justice. Together we will form a supportive, learning community dedicated to integrating personal knowing with ancient and contemporary texts. Our group work will include dialogue, meditation, journaling, art and movement.

Our work together is based upon the nationally acclaimed Institute for Jewish Spirituality curriculum. We’ll meet throughout the year with monthly, five-hour sessions and two local Shabbat retreats.  Catered meals will be provided.  This program will be facilitated by both Maggid David Arfa and Sher Sweet.

Facilitator Bio’s:
Maggid David (Mah-geed; storyteller) is dedicated to celebrating Judaism’s storytelling heritage and renewing Judaism’s ancient environmental wisdom. He has over 20 years experience teaching, performing stories and leading workshops.  David loves sharing the contemporary relevance of Jewish mythology and mysticism with the goals of enriching our spiritual imagination, connecting with the land, and most importantly, finding our own paths within Judaism’s vast and wondrous landscape.

Sher has taught religious studies for most of her professional life with 30 years on the Northfield Mt. Hermon faculty. She delights in helping others think deeply about religious ideas and seeing their nuanced under-standing awaken. Sher began her spiritual journey as a Christian and studied theology at Duke Seminary. Over 30 years ago, she became a Jew by choice. Sher especially loves Jewish ritual and ceremony and is passionate about creating a meaningful Jewish spiritual practice.