Chesed- Omer 43


Have you ever been camping without a tent?  Sleeping outside and then it begins to rain?  I have.  I was amongst the oldest and biggest trees of the world, traveling around the Pacific Northwest, studying the ancient forests with my school companions.  It was a warm night; I pulled out my sleeping bag without my tent and slept under a friendly tree named Doug, Douglas Fir.

I awoke in the middle of the night.  My companions were shreiking, running through pouring rain to our bus, pulling out tents and frantically trying to set them up.   I was alarmed, concerned, I had no tent either,… but then I realized I was dry and the entire patch of land around me was dry.  I was close enough to my Fir tree that I was spared the raindrops- they were received by the treetop and gently routed downward via branch and trunk. Rivers of awe and gratitude flowed through me as I realized that I was the beneficiary of such grace and protection.  Chesed b’Malchut.

Reflection/Action:  Take a moment and imagine a time when you felt buoyed by the world?  have you ever picked fresh blueberries by the bearpaw full?  Have you ever filtered water from a stream and drank it to quench your thirst?  Have you ever had your cares lightened by a warm breeze?  What’s your story of Chesed b’Malchut?  Would you share here with all of us?


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